equel to a theatrical Good Burger 2 Go is the book sequel to the theatrical film, Good Burger. The book was never adapted into a film. The book was based on a story by Dan Schneider and published by Steve Holland. The book was published on October 1, 1998.

Plot Edit

Good Burger's in trouble again! This time, it's been selling Ed's Sauce without a license. The only way to save the secret sauce is to get it approved through a taste test. The problem? The pot of Ed's Sauce is empty and only one person knows how to make more! Where's Ed when they need him?

Ed's trying to give a customer his eighteen cents of change.

In Paris.

Determined to return the money, Ed is following the man around the world... and straight into a kidnapping plot. Luckily, Ed's friend Dexter is also following him. With Ed and Dexter on the case, this adventure is sure to be... well, an adventure!

Characters Edit

Ed-Kel Mitchell


  • This is the first Nickelodeon book to be a s


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