Mr. Wheat
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Mr. Wheat
Trans Male
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  • "Z-Zoinks, Scoob~." Shaggy moaned, gripping the bedsheets. His loyal companion, and best friend, Scoobert Doobert was giving him the greatest head of his life. Velma and Daphne weren't home, heck even Fred wasn't home. The Mystery Gang was a very loving and caring polyamorous group, and they would all fullfill the sexual needs of each other. Scooby was known to have quite the mouth, and the knot. His throbbing, long, thick, red dog knot could pound a girl or male into another universe. His doggy dick was truly a sight to see. Scooby bopped his head up, and down, pleasing his master. Shaggy was close to his high, Scooby always knew how to get him close every time. "Damn, Scoob, your sucking skills are incredible. I never knew a dog could make me feel this way." Shaggy spoke between moans. "Whank you, Whaggy~." Scooby replied, it was more of a muffled response as he was, well, of course sucking Shaggy's cock. As he sucked, his red rocket came out, it was apparent that the dog was feeling frisky as well. He wanted to ride Shaggy's stoner cock so badly, but he needed Shaggy's cum in his mouth first. Fun fact, Shaggy's cock tasted like Scooby Snacks. 

After a few more bobs, Shaggy released his sweet Scooby Snack flavored cum into Scoobert's mouth hole. It was now time for Scooby to get his pleasure. "O-Oh Raggy, let me insert my doggy asshole onto your raggy cock." Scooby seduced Shaggy, wagging his tail. Scooby got up from his sucking position, and adjusted himself onto his master. It hurt without lube, but it was worth it. "Ok babyboy, bounce on your daddy~." Shaggy growled, slapping Scooby's firm ass. Without hesitation, Scooby began to bounge on Shaggy's cock, feeling the pleasure zap through him. It felt amazing, it was a feel so surreal, words couldn't even describe it. Scooby began to pant, tounge out and everything. Shaggy took this opportunity to smash his lips into Scoob's. The two kissed, Shaggy begged to have his tongue let inside Scoob's mouth. Scooby allowed him entrance, and their tongues had quite a war. This felt spicy, it was the spiciest, hottest time the two were having. Scooby felt his high, it would be quite the mess all over Shaggy's stomach. "Z-Z-Zoinks, Raggy~!" Scooby loudly moaned, letting his juices release on Shaggy. Shaggy was covered in Scooby's sweet, clear cum. The two laid down on the bed, looking into each other's eyes. They both smiled, the sex they had was amazing, and they were just happy to do it with someone they loved. With a final pant, the two rested and closed their eyes. For the rest of the night, they both cuddled, and had some spicy dreams.